Thursday, November 1, 2012

Oct 29, 2012

Hey guys, So this week I got sick again for 2 days but im all the way better again so don’t worry haha But this week wee didn’t baptize but its all good we have 2 for this week ready. Send me some pics of you guys at the Halloween bash. So my companion and i are getting along pretty good at first he was way serious and didn’t talk and a lot of things but then we sat down and talked and I helped him feel more comfortable with me so he’s been a lot more relaxed and all that. So I am in need of 500 pesos because we have no food and we have no money until Saturday.... But I’m in need of some stuff for Christmas for a shoe shining kit but one of those that has the cream and the brushes not one of the quick shiners but the kit, Christmas treats i think know what im talking about haha I would love a Christmas tie the best one you find and just medicine like day and Nyquil but i think thats all. So my companion and I are planning 2 activity’s for the ward and other for the stake. The one for our ward is a thanksgiving dinner followed with a movie night everyones way excited the bishopric is gonna buy 3 turkeys and the relief society is going to cook the other plates that come with the dinner. Its gonna be on the 24th. And the Christmas activity were gonna have is a dinner also but were gonna bring Santa clause and the 3 kings and were gonna have a live nativity and a game area and a movie area for everyone and its gonna be an opportunity to enjoy the holiday and bring friends and family to the church to be able to see what its like and what we do and all that. So im pretty excited about that. So yeah its gonna be awesome. well I love you guys and miss you and hope everything is going great. Elder Lowder

Oct 22, 2012

Hey Family So this week was good except for I got sick again but im better now. So my companion is from Peru he’s alright he’s prideful and is kinda nerdy but oh well were gonna get along even if he’s like this. So something amazing happened this week. We didn’t have anyone to baptize and i was like crap its his first week and we have no one ready to be baptized. So all week i was running around like a chicken with his head cut off looking for someone to baptize. and no one! So Sunday morning i felt like telling my companion look bring your baptismal clothes were gonna baptize who? I don’t know but were gonna baptize. So he got everything ready and we went to church. When we got there i sat the praying and praying and waiting for a guy to come so that i could invite him to be baptized. But he never made it. But a miracle happened and one of my investigators that I taught like 2 months ago shows up and he says I want to be baptized. Im sure you can imagine my surprise and all when he told me. So we went into a room and started talking so I could check some things about him and he was good in everything. Afterwards i sent him to an interview with my zone leader and he passed and my trainee baptized him that day! It was amazing! Miracles exist and its just amazing! So I’m in need of something... a package! I have been craving really bad a lot of snack foods from the USA! Im gonna give you a list. Sun flower seeds ranch flavored, Pringles, Flaming hot cheetos, gum, mini chocolate donuts, peanut butter and peanut m&ms, popcorn, fruit snacks, GOLDFISH!, Reeses! hahahaha i really want these things so if you guys can send me a package with all that and a memory card that would make my year go by great! haha The reason the packages are being sent back is because the mission sent an email to all of us and said that alot of packages are being returned because when they go to drop of the package and someone’s not there they send it back to where it came from so you guys have to put this on the box. Mande en el horario de oficina (10:00a.m.- 2:00p.m.) They say thats why the packages are being sent back so please if you can send me that it would be awesome and if not its ok . So Im glad to hear and see that every things going great at home and that your all ready for Halloween! Enjoy it! Love you all and miss you! Elder Lowder