Sunday, January 22, 2012

January 16, 2012

Hey Family!

Hey you know you guys are my first priority but i really am this busy every day that it takes me forever to get to a computer! So This week was another week without a baptism but i have 2 for this week that i really feel are going to happen and that really know it’s true which is honestly my goal with all my investigators because without that testimony there baptism is nothing because they don’t that its the right thing or the best thing they can do its basically for me in vain. Thank you very very much for that email dad it honestly helped a lot I’ve been kinda down or feeling like I’m not doing things right or that i don’t have something that i need and sometimes i have even gotten the feeling like maybe I’m not worthy but I’ve noticed the power of the scriptures and prayer and applying in my life more in the past 4 or 5 months then i have ever felt. I knew it was true before the mission i had that testimony. But now i feel like my testimony i can use it for power and for authority that i need and I can feel that it is actually a thing that helps others feel the importance of the message we have the importance it is to me in my life the things that it has given me in my life and the the blessing i have received the things that the gospel does for us and the things the Lord has in store for are exactly perfect and there’s no way that someone if they actually want to know and actually want to use it in their life that can’t feel or know that for themselves.

So this week was good we have 3 more with a baptism date and i lead the lessons and asked more questions and invited and invited I’m starting to really get to where it’s easy to teach ,and easy to do this wonderful work. I really miss you guys and feel terrible a lot about brandon and i pray and pray and pray i fasted for a lot of things this week just to help. The work is moving along and my Spanish is getting a lot better every single day thank you guys so much for the prayers. So i want to share a story it was last week and i was struggling a little bit with this same question what do i need to change to get baptisms and so i was praying for revelation and an answer and i went to sleep and i got and answer in my dream. I was running and this man was chasing me and he caught me and it was way weird but right before he cut out my tongue i yelled D and C 124 verses 7 and 8. I read it and it hit me way hard so i invite you guys to read it.

I love you guys keep me updated and tell Brandon to write me please and i miss you guys i pray for you always thank you so much.

Elder Lowder

January 3, 2012


Hey guys sounds like you guys had a great vacation and it was the fun i was hoping for you guys. To answer your questions i didn’t receive the pictures, I bought one of those shower heads but i have to buy more cables and do some work if there’s another way to do that besides buying cables if you could ask Dallas please. This week was not a very good week the work isn’t coming but i am really really focused right now. We have contacted 5 families and have goals to baptize all of them the week of the 15 on Sunday. I am really fired up about this because i feel good about these 5 families and i feel good about our goals we have for this week. We have a goal for 2 baptisms this week Ignacio and yadeni we are planning on visiting them every day this week to prepare them for Sunday. I praying for the people here to feel the need to learn more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to really feel that its the path to take. I know if i am humble and i am praying with faith for these things that the Lord will put them in my way. I learned a very important lesson this week because i was asking and asking why i am not baptizing why I’m having these troubles. As i was reading in the Book of Mormon in Alma Ch 9 or 10 or 12 i was reading about the people and how Amulick was teaching them. After Amulick Amla helped and told them that the lord doesn’t bless those with hard hearts to things. When i read this it really stuck out to me and i started to think about if i had a hard heart to something in my work or in my life. I found that i have been holding back a lot because i didn’t want to change i wanted to be the same when i get back just stronger But that’s not how it works im here to change to become a stronger person to become more mature and to know what i need to do if any type of situation comes my way. I was just so scared about coming back the goofy returned missionary or something like that but i realized that its not about me and its not about when i get back its about these next 19 months of truly losing myself in the work and allowing myself to change however the Lord chooses and that’s where the success lies. But i know it was a dumb thing to come into the mission with that type f attitude but its changing fast.

This week was pretty slow also because the people were the same no i don’t want to listen or no i don’t have time or no this or that. But i know if i continue to contact and work that they will come. This week we were in the house at 6 again on Saturday and on Sunday inside all day it was good we got to talk to our neighbors and all that. So i know that trouble and stress and problems come but just to share something that helps me in D And C Section 121 verses 7-9 really helps and really comforts me so if you need comfort read it and really ponder.

So i have an investigator who has had a lot of revelation in her dreams one dream in particular i need help i have been searching and searching but its kicking my butt so if anyone dad mom,bre, Dallas Brandon papa granda aunts uncles anyone can help please do. So She is in a field and she sees Jesus Christ and she asks master is it you and he says yes and so she runs to him and asks is the path I’m on wrong and he says no She then sees an ark with a counter thing under it and through the ark she sees a big rock with a lot of pools of water in it which the water is crystal clear and inside one puddle is her 16 year old daughter in the fetal position, She then sees and bunch of flowers and in the middle of these flowers the like doing a pulsing thing. She then sees a Temple and that’s about its she received this dream after she asked if the Church was true when she was investigating the first time. Of course its an answer to her prayer. I have my ideas on it but i really want to get your guys take on this so everyone family give me your thoughts and i want to match them to mine please!!

Love you guys and miss you think of you all everyday!

Elder Lowder

December 27, 2011

I don’t have an accented voice! Hey guys i loved talking to you yesterday also! It made my Christmas to talk to you guys cause to be honest i was trying my hardest to make it fun but nobody has traditions here so i was feeling a little alone but as far as focusing on the meaning behind everything it was the best. I’m gonna make this one short and for you guys only. I know this church is true I know that there is no other religion that is so exactly perfect that there is no way that Heavenly Father is the head of this church. I know that our prophet for these days is Joseph Smith and that he restored this gospel through his powerful and strong faith. I know that for this time right now Thomas S. Monson is the true prophet on this earth right now and that he does talk with our Father and receive revelation for our church for us to know exactly what our loving Father wants for us. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God for these later days the power of the Book of Mormon is the missionary its all we have that changes the lives of our investigators as long as the Spirit is working together with it and the missionaries. I know that this work that i am a part of is so special to me and is the opportunity of the life time for every 19 year boy to enter into as long as they follow the example of Jesus Christ and understand the importance of keeping the commandments of God all of them that we receive through the prophets and all i know these things and if there is any doubt for anyone in he world i know if they ask they will feel it and receive that its true i know because ive seen it and felt it in my life. i know this i love you guys so much and so thankful for all you guys have done and still do for me in my life i am where i am because of each one of you guys and you awesome examples. I say this in the name of our loving savior redeemer Jesus Christ amen.

Love Elder Lowder