Thursday, February 28, 2013

February 25, 2013

Hey guys!, I’m in Solarirdad as zone leader, haha. It’s so ugly here! There’s just a whole bunch of dirt. It’s like my first area, but I’m excited and ready to work. We baptized 3 this week and we have 2 more for this week to baptize. I’m way sad that I’m not in my old area but I know that this is where the Lord wants me to be at this time. Pray that I can get used to everything and I can start feeling happier. So it’s great to hear that the youth conference went great with you guys! Sounds like it was a lot of fun. So they sent me to one of the worst zones in the mission! When I got there, they had only been baptizing like 4 or 5 a month. My companion and I went crazy and we baptized 12 in the zone, haha. We give all the thanks to our Heavenly Father for giving us the opportunity. We’re gonna be doing this every week though! So I’m happy and a little sad but its all goood. I love you guys and miss you and hope everything keeps going good! Elder Lowder

February 19,2013

Hey guys!, So it’s a sad and happy time here in the mission. Sad because I’m leaving, which to be honest is ridiculously hard to do! Happy because I get to go and help other people. It hurts to leave this area. I can honestly say that I love it and I’m definitely going to come back! It’s going to be fast this week due to time but I love you guys. Pray for strength so that I don’t get too sad! Love you guys! Elder Lowder

February 12, 2013

Hey Guys, So this week was good! We worked very very very hard preparing an activity that my companion and I have been planning with the Stake.It’s gonna be a huge activity! It’s called a trip to Hawaii. It’s gonna be awesome! What we’re gonna do is, the people that come are gonna enter into an airplane and we’re gonna take off. It’s gonna be exactly like a flight with the sounds and the pilots and everything. So when the people are in the airplane the plane is gonna have some problems and we’re gonna crash and die. Then an Angel is going to enter the crashed plane and he’s going to explain to them what is going to happen. We’re then taking the people through the plan of salvation where they’re gonna enter into rooms and see different things that members are doing and they’re gonna explain about how they got there and more!! It’s gonna be awesome! We baptized this week and we have 2 more for this week that’s coming. So I’m feeling good and I’m focused don’t worry! I felt your guys love this week! I know that our Heavenly Father gives us trials so that we can be stronger and we can choose who and what we want to be. I love my Father in Heaven and I know that I’m not at all perfect but I know that through my Father in Heaven I can be who my Father wants me to be. I am thankful every single day for the Atonement of Jesus Christ and I’m so grateful that I have the opportunity to repent thanks to that sacrifice He made. I had the opportunity to go to the Temple with some of my converts to buy books and things. I felt how much I truly love my Father in Heaven as I was close to His house and feeling His love and spirit. I love my Father in Heaven. I truly truly Love him. Elder Lowder

February 5, 2013

Hello Family!, So this week was good! We didn’t baptize, But it’s ok because we have 5 people with baptismal dates for this Saturday, so we’re excited about that. So I missed the super bowl! Everyone says it was way good at the end? So I want to know how I can get better in some things. What ways have you used to increase your faith? I want mine to be stronger, so what should I do? So I have an investigator that wants to change what he is doing wrong and it’s driving me crazy because he cries about the fact that he wants to change but he doesn’t change and that’s what’s driving me crazy. We’re trying everything to help him change but he can’t! What should my comp and I do? So how’s life and everything? Tell me what’s going on with you! Love you guys and Miss you guys! Its gonna rain! Bye!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

January 28,2013

Hey Guys!, So this week was great! We worked very hard but we didn’t baptize, ( our investigator got to church and she didn’t like some things she saw so we have to go and help her out with that this week). So we hope to get her baptized with her other 2 kids this next week. Other than that, it was good. My Zone leader Elder Agurto came and worked with me this week and it went well for us! We had a lot of success together, which was great. So I’m struggling to find how I can help my district do better than they’re doing right now. I’m not too sure how I can help them baptize more! I feel like I’m doing a lot but there’s something missing there and I don’t know what it is. Any advice? So I’m glad to hear that everything’s going good back home and that you’re all excited. So we had a very spiritual experience this week. We went to the church building to give a tour to an investigator named Claudia. When we got there we started to talk to her about the gospel, about baptism and about the church and what we do there. When we started to explain what it was all about and the sacrament, she started to cry. She told us of some fears that she had and some things that she’s been tempted to do but hasn’t due to fear. Which is good because they’re not good things at all. We sat and talked to her and read with her, prayed with her and she’s way excited to be able to get baptized this week with her family! I’m way excited also! I’m also very thankful for the Spirit and the miracles it brings in people! How come Brandon didn’t make the baseball team? So right now we’re planning an activity that we came up with a little while ago and the Stake has already accepted it. It’s a trip to Hawaii. What we’re gonna do is w’re gonna enter into an airplane and crash on the way to Hawaii. When we crash ,everyone’s gonna die and they’re all gonna go through the 3 kingdoms of glory and learn about the Plan of Salvation. I’ll explain more next week! Love you guys and miss you, Elder Lowder

January 21,2013

Hey guys!, So this week was very very long and interesting, but great! Like I said, I went on divisions all week with my district. When I got back, I was exhausted!! On Tuesday I went with Elder Parkinson, on Wednesday I went with Elder Uresti, Thursday Elder Huaser, and Friday Elder Lee. I got to know them pretty well and had the opportunity to learn from them and teach them, which was great! So on Thursday I got sick! I was throwing up and I had diarrhea. My body hurt and I was exhausted but I went to work like that. I almost died, but I made it through. On Friday my Zone Leaders came and gave me a blessing with my companion and I felt great afterward. We had success but we could have had more. I talked to my president and he helped me see what else we were missing as a district to have success. He told me that a lot of the Elders in my district aren’t completing their goals that they put down and that President has given us. So today I’m gonna talk about that in the class so that we can start having success. So I’m glad to hear everything is going great for you guys and that you are all working hard. My exercise is going good and eating better food helped me feel better until I got sick again. That made me lose weight again but I’m all better now, don’t worry. I love you guys and miss you all!! Let me know the number code! Elder Lowder