Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May 6, 2013

Hey guys! So this week was good for us. We worked hard! I’m very very tired after talking to the mission and working and all the stress I have had. I’m working as hard as ever to be able to complete my goals and to work hard for the Lord. My comp and I talked to the mission on Friday and taught them about the importance of committing the people to change and to keep the invitations we give them. It went very well, according to what everyone told us. President loved it because the whole time he shook his head yes and had a huge smile on his face, haha. SO that went well. They have’nt told us anything about the calls we’re gonna make on Sunday so I don’t know what time yet, but I’ll let you guys know in an email during the week. So I have 4 months left in my mission! I have a lot to do before it ends so that I can finish my training for what comes afterwards. I know that the Lord loves us and that he needs every single one of our help. I know that we all have trials in our lives so that we can learn from our mistakes so that we can be the sons and daughters worthy of Him and so that we can serve him with all our strength. There is so much that I have to make better and that I have to learn but I will do so because I know that the Lord needs me to run his errands. I’ll write you guys this week to let you know about everything. Love you guys and miss you all so much! Elder Lowder

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