Thursday, November 10, 2011

Elder Lowder in the MTC

This experience has been awesome so far! I have been struggling with the language but its only the 3rd day. today is my p day because of the weird schedule for this week due to it only being a half week. I sent you all a letter so you should recieve it in the next few days. It tells all about my companions and the days befor today. I have an awesome district and 2 great zone leaders! Its deffinatley been wierd getting into the swing of things. But it has been easy forgetting to the world outside of the MTC. Its funny because we have a joke where when we get close to the gate or were walking and we can see the cars or houses surrounding us we always act like its so ummm no say! like we say omg the outside world it is a real thing. Just dumb things like that. We recieved our first investigator yesterday named Beto. (hes really a teacher that is playing the part of an investigator) But its as real as we make it to be. We had to teach the lesson in spanish and all that but we could have cheat sheets. It was sooooo hard! it would be a lot easier in english but thats not what i was called to do. We got him to commit to pray and we scheduled another appointment for tonight at 6:30.I hate to say this but im in need of a few things i messed up. lo siento!! I need a few shirts that are long enough. the 2 i brought arent long enough because i went into my room and grabbed 2 shirts that i can get dirty and stuff in but i didnt check how the fit me. i also need some shoes if you can please just send my basketball shoes and ill just use those for p-day the ones i have are pretty torn up and they are starting to shrink. I also need some tacks or things that i can put pictures up on my wall with. anything that will do that is wonderful. Again sorry for having to ask. Its not going to be a habbit or anything because thats all i will need for the next 2 months. I recieved a package from Madi Mackey with fresh cookies and 2 cds in it. Shes awesome! But other then that i havent had anything else buuuut its only the 4th day. I still havent recieved my ipod but im sure ill get it soon. At least i hope so cause we need some music cause im seriously missing music!! I love you all and i hope to hear from you agian soon! Oh and there is a website that you should look into callled its for missionaries in the MTC. What you do is you send an "email" but instead of me having to wait until Fridays to check it the website sends it to church head quarters and they print it out that day and i get it in the mail that day and we get mail 2 times a day. (friday is my normal p-day from now until i leave here) So that way i can wright you a letter back and email you back so yeah it would be a great thing! I love you all and i miss you all! I think about you all individualy everyday and i am hoping to hear from you again! Send pictures of the family please! 
Elder Lowder 

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