Thursday, November 10, 2011

Weel 2 at the MTC

Hola como Esta! Ok so i did get the ipod like a week and a half ago. I keep forgeting to let you know that. I have both the packages and they were awesome! Its always good getting something in the mail especially when your in a district with people from Utah that get packages or letters everyday because the family live just around the corner. (spoiled Utards) Everything continues to be great! My companions and I werent getting along again due to the one that seems to be the problem didnt do anything to change, except get worse.i prayed and prayed and studied and continued to change things about myself that i thought would help. But nothing seemed to work. I was struggling to the point with this guy that during meetings i would be either so frustrated or just not in mood to wear i could feel the spirit and it was really not a good thing. So i did what i needed to and things seem to be getting better everyday. I wrote a letter to each of you except im still waiting for brandons letter. It has a lot of stuff in it about how things have been going. Time is seriously flying by so fast its crazy! It feels like I wake up in the morning and then an hour later its 10:30 and im in bed ready to go to sleep. its already been 2 and half weeks and October is about to start! Its crazy. We do not get to go to conference this year. For some reason they decided not to have the missionary choir sing this year. nosay. One of my companions is sick but is still pushing forward. It seems that a sickness has reached the MTC. Theres a lot of coughing, sore throughts, runny/stuffy noses, and stoumache stuff. I have avoided them all and am still working to avoid them all. The cookies in the package you sent were perfect! i enjoyed them and so did my comps! Its hard not to share here...
Wow what a game! Sounds like maybe they might be getting a little better? idk maybe Jacksonvilles just not that good this year? But sounds like a great game! Yeah keep talking about that phone there dad we all know you prob. havent figured out how to do like 10% of things on there. haha But thats good that your getting a hang of it. If you have questions just ask and ill see if i can remember. Tell Brandon he better shape up or ship out! Get those grades up and keep them up! Trust me when I say its harder to fail then it is to pass! So if he wants to play and if he wants to be Bob Cratchet he better start working! So i need a favor and its kinda important. and its a big favor! I was wandering if you could get Anthonys adress for me? and then send it dearelder today? please!
I will send the cooks a letter and a BYU chapstick or something! i went to the bookstore yesterday and I printed off my pictures so they should be ready to send in like 3 or 4 days so you should get them next week somtime. Two weeks ago we had a cew contact that we are teaching named Fernando. We went in to teach him and we only had 20 minutes to teach him but ended up taking an hour. My companion Elder Erickson likes to do things alone and be alone. So when it comes to the lessons he takes over and interupts a lot. We had a come to Jesus let me tell you. But anyway we stared off with getting to know fernando. just stuff about his life some background. We then asked him if we could pray and he said of course so i prayed and then we went from there. we had only 10 minutes left after the prayer to give the lesson. Of course my companion took over adn talked and talked. My other companion and I would try to cut in but when we did we would get maybe one sentace out before he jumped in and started to talk. i got so frustrated that i had all these things i knew at that time he wanted to hear do to questions he was asking us but werent being answered because my companion was taking over and teaching instead of going by the investigators needs. I completely tuned out and we ended with a prayer an hour later and then left i went to my teach (who was Fernando) and told him how i was feeling and asked what i should do. He said that he could tell that i was frustrated during the lesson and that it didnt go how i felt it should go and so he would talk to us in class. He came over and we talked and he had me say what i needed to and i let it out on my companion and told him that just because he is better at spanish the me and my other companion does no t give him the right to decide who talks and who doesnt. we then went on and my teacher told him that we were to go by the spirit and what we felt the investigater needed and not to teach the lesson unles you were prompted otherwise. Anyway long story short that didnt happen again.
Ive got to go so i will write you soon i hope to hear from you guys again soon. Thank you again so much for the packages and the letters!
Love you guys,
Elder Lowder

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