Thursday, November 10, 2011

Last Week in the MTC

Hola Mi Familia!,
So We were supposed to recieve our travel plans and visas this week but nope. We decided to go ask why we havent gotten ours yet and apperently Mexicos consolate is not happy with Americans right now. So the visas just arent coming very good... So if i dont get it soon then ill either be here until i get it or they will do a temporary reasignment. I hope it comes. But i know that what ever happens is what the Lord needs from me. So i still work hard and im not worry about it the Lord will provide for us. So this week has been kinda of a weird week for me. A lot of things happend that just bothered me and that i didnt like. Just stuff with companions silly stuff. But other than that its been a good week. My teacher has started this game i guess where its called the Nativo which in spanish means native. What you do is one person is secretly chesen to be the native and that person all day has to speack nothing but spanish no matter what no english ever nada. But the other peoples job is tto try to convince everyone that they are the nativo so its  been fun I havent spoke any english for 6 days not a word so its been great practice! I got the package today and it was great thank you so much for the address book and the mouth gaurd haha I sent my ipod to breanna and gave her a list of music so i can have it throughout my mission instead of having to try to send it a bunch. so i told her to call you and talk to you about it. I cant really think of much else which is a pain! umm Oh I bet that food did look good! when i talk to the natives here they always say Oh la comida es super buendicimo! The food is super awesome! so im way excieted thats if i get there or not! Ive been praying so preay for me to get there! But ive got to head out i wrote down more that i need to tell you but i dont have my book with me so ill get back on a let you know! i love you all! thank you all so much for everything honestly its Awesome!
Love Elder Lowder

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