Thursday, November 10, 2011


Mi Familia!
Estoy muy animado por me experiencia aqui en la CCM! Yo Sento mucho bendiciones in me vida y yo espero ustedes senti mucho bendiciones in ustedes vidas! Entonces! So this week has been really really good week! My companions and I have really been working on our contacts and stuff and we have a goal to get 5 random contacts in spanish everyday! Its fun because all the missionaries are the people we contact and sometimes they dont understand what were doing and so they end up bareing there testimony of the truthfullness of what were saying? haha its fun! But this week my teacher took some time to tell us about Mexico and what our first few days/weeks will be like and im not really nervous anymore. I am way way excited about it and how things are going to turn out! I love the feeling of not knowing what is going to happen or anything like but knowing that where ever I go or say its what the Lord is wanting! So this week we got a new investigator because ours is baptised! This new one is named Thomas and hes difficult! He wants to learn more about the church and he wants to know why his friends that are members are always so happy! We told him why and told him the steps he needs to take to feel the same happiness they feel! But hes already been baptised and doesnt see why even though we have told him in so many ways why he needs to take this first step! Its frustrating because he knows the bible so well and uses it to give us his reasons of why or why not! Its fun though! haha I need to work on not smiling or laughing during lessons because that wont be good in the field! Its just so fun to do that I cnat help laugh when he disagrees or pulls a scripture out to get us! But anyways Im not longer sick and i havent been sick for the whole week! I got my Hep. A shot on thursday it was like 70 bucks or something. i forgot the sheet but when i get on agian later ill let you know the exact price. I have 10 days to pay for it so if you want me to take care of it just let me know. if not ill email you the price and the number you call to pay for it tonight. Well i hope the rangers win it! they better do work! and I do like hearing about the colts! I think it would be smart to do a Rogers Farve thing because if they wait to long and miss the oportunity to pick up a great QB then there gonna wish they had made the decision to pick him up! I think peyton will be angry at first but see the bigger picture and change his attitude about the whole thing! Well guys im out of time! I jsut want you all to know that while you guys are wanting the colder weather in Texas im wanting the hot texas weather! Its super cold here! It sucks! But i miss you all and love you all and continue to pray for you all! Granda, Papa, Uncles, Aunts you guys are aloud to email me! ill be sure to write you all when i get an address book and all that! But im so so thanksful for the package i recieved last week everything has been perfectly hitting the spot at all the right times! I think about you all all the time and pray for you alll as well! Thank you everyone I love you all!
Love Elder Lowder

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