Monday, November 21, 2011

Mexico!! November 21,2011

Hey family,

Hey im in mexico and safe! My companion is a native of mexico and doesnt speak an english except for wha ive taught him. Im not gonna lie There are things i like but there are things i dont like like there are a lot of dogs alot!! every where and there all way skinny and nasty its way sad. But its part of there culture. I have been struggling with the language and things and its very frustrating i pray alot! My areas name is the state of mexico and its a bigger area it baptises alot. the food here is good but some isnt like the other day i ate pig skin and i almost threw up but i held it in and just kepped eating. the people here feed you a lot im talking 5 times a day and i cant eat this much and so i feel bad when i have to tell them im not hungry. I dont know the whole peso to doller things so i rarely use my money. My apartment is disgusting so it was the second day here and my comp. asked if i had anyhting i wanted to say i told him yes and i sat him down and told him that we need to clean this place he said ok and we went to the store and bought some cleaning stuff and we are cleaning that sucker tonight! im gonna scrub the place till it shines! The people are very very small but very nice and very open to things we have to say. There arent any laws for driving so pretty everyone drives where ever and as fast as they can. its seriously crazy. I Really miss everyone alot but im trucking and not letting it affect anything. My first sunday was yesterday and i had to give a 5 minute ¨´talk´´ more like testimony but it was good. My companion is a good guy but there are some things about him that are affecting me. We do nothing but visit members and thats pretty much it and i really want to get out there and work and contact and contact and teach and all that i want to go back home everynight on the verge of falling over cause im so tired but he doesnt have that same work ethic which is frustrating because im the junior newby and hes been here 6 months so im slowl teaching him what it means to work. i told him this week i want 4 new investigators that are going to progress. He said it was a good goal. so we will do it once my spanish gets alot better im gonna really ge him working. But of course not over step him. He doesnt obey all the rules like watching movies or tv or listening the right music he does it anyway he told me he doenst care but im gonna give him a short lesson on obedience and how if we are exactly obedient we will see miricles but if we only obedient we will only recieve blessings hopefully he will change. I have already said this but i have been on my knees and praying more this week then i ever ever have i pray everytime i get a chance because i need help with this language so i can talk to people better i talk and they understand but they described it as like a caveman but not that bad. im just missing like little things that i will learn i know i will. My Book of Mormon is my best friend i read it everytime i get a chance and im learning so much. Thanksgiving is this week and i hope you guys have an awesome time with granda and papa give them my love and hugs and have them give you hugs from me. The area im in is poor and the houses are basically like a concrete floor roof and walls and they just move there suff in they have a front door a bathroom door and thats it the rest are covered by blankets at least in the houses ive been in. Everyone stares at me like im a frea or an alien or an amazing creature they have never seen its kinda funny and its kinda annoying. A lot of the time i feel alone as far as being white and american but i have my Heavenly Father with me and i know im not alone. Just know im safe im happy and i love you all and think of you always. My pday is on monday and i email each monday. I want everyone who reads this to remember one thing. Be greatful for where you live and what you have and how your life in America is one thing ive learned is that we have it so so so so great in America and its crazy how easy and fast you can take advantage of it so dont. I love you all and miss you and pray for you.
Have a wonerfully happy Thanksiving!!


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