Monday, November 28, 2011

Week 2 in Mexico November 27, 2011

Hey My wonderful family!

Week 2 has come and gone and what a week it was! So to answer questions that I can remember people understand what i say and I can understand everyone except for the people that talk like 1000000 miles per hour which there aren’t very many of those. I have 2 investigators let’s just say I’m not to happy with just 2 we can do so much better than that my goal is for us to have 7 with baptism dates by Sunday. But right now i have 2 baptisms this week one on Sunday and one on Thursday. My first 2 baby! The spirit has really blessed me and I’m so thankful that the spirit is able to testify to the people of what I’m saying is true because my Spanish isn’t fluent so I’m just so grateful for the spirit. This week i have had to have some serious patience and some serious humbleness. My companion is a great guy but he’s not working to his fullest potential. I’ve really been pushing him and getting him better. I know I’m not but it feels like I’m training him because I’m always teaching him something or helping him or something. But he’s a good guy were gonna make it. Another one of my goals is to have at least one baptism a week I know I can get more than that but I don’t want to have an unreachable goal so I made it the way it is. I’m not gonna Thanksgiving was the longest day of the mission just cause I woke and started thinking about what yall were doing and stuff but it’s all good it got better haha So anyways that house is shinning like nothing you have ever seen! I whipped it into shape! We cleaned it again this morning and so its way clean! It felt good haha. So I realized I don’t have an ipod charger... there is a guy in my ward that is charging my ipod when I need it but f you guys can maybe send me one? I have a question so in the mtc my president was an anesthesiologist and he told me when I get here to buy cipro and it will keep me from getting sick. I had to get a receipt from a doctor to get it (we have the hook up with a foot doctor) but she said cipro would lower my defenses because it’s an antibiotic and so she suggested getting lactipan. i haven’t bought anything but if you think it’s a good idea let me know what you guys think I should do with that. So at church on Sundays I’ve noticed that Mexicans cannot sing worth nothing omg every time they sing i want to stop them and run out of the room it’s terrible! There is a man in my ward that I swear is the Mexican version of papa! I saw him and was like what!! Papa got dark and learned Spanish! It’s pretty weird! Umm the other day we ate at a member’s house and we ate molĂ© its this type of food I’m sure Dallas could tell you what it is but it was my second time to eat it the first time was good but a different lady made it. This time it was seriously the worst thing to ever touch my tongue! so my comp got up to go open the door and i was sitting there alone and so I snuck my food on his plate and he lady came in and asked if I wanted more and I smiled and said no I’m full but thank you so much t was sooo good! hahahaha it was funny because i told my comp later that night and he was like i wondered how i got so much food on my plate I thought she just put more on there when i got up! funny stuff but anyways i only get mail like every 2 months.... that’s what my companion says so i don’t get letters until December 20th so you guys can send me stuff but just know i won’t get it for a while. So we had a lesson this week we one of the hermanas that I’m baptizing this sunday and i thought a lot and we taught about the restoration and how it was special because she was in the same situation Joseph Smith was in that she had all the other religions saying this and that and she was confused about what to do so i opened the Book of Mormon and we read about the story again and i bore my testimony and you could feel the spirit just talking to her i knew it the whole time and she looked up and said she had her answer so we are baptizing her sunday! }what an experience i was so happy that whole rest of the day I’m so grateful for the spirit and for everything my testimony has been strengthened so much and it’s so hard for me to put in words how grateful I am and the love i have for this gospel! So one thing I wanted to tell you guys but I forgot was I shower out of a bucket cause we don’t have hot water so I have to fill the bucket up and put this charger in and it heats it up boy let me tell you that’s quite the shower. But over all everything has been great! My president knows that I’ve been really struggling with the work ethic of my comp and emailed me and talked to me about how he’s grateful to have me here and other stuff because he said he needs people that work there hardest and push people and lead. it was very nice of him but I’m just blessed to have what I have because of my family and my loving Heavenly Father he’s helps so much! Well i love you all so much and pray for you always I’m safe and happy and working as hard as i can! I miss you guys talk to you next week!

Love Elder Lowder

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