Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April 9, 2012

Hey guys!!
That’s so freaking awesome Spain!! I was hoping he would go somewhere Spanish speaking so we could talk in Spanish when i get back. But he’s got more of an advantage then most will in the MTC because he took 3 years in high school so that's gonna help him a whole lot! So Easter here is so crazy! They crucify a man lie bet him and hang him by the cross and everything with nails all of it. Im not even kidding its so crazy here with the Catholics. They have a tradicion that starts Saturday its called sabado de Gloria. During this day they do crazy things in the streets like wait until you pass and throw a whole bucket of water on you or a water balloon. It’s funny but no one got me except for my neighbor! But i got her way way bad her mom filled a tub full of water and i made her fall in haha it was way fun. So my companion is better enough to where were able to work. So were back at it we already have 6 with a baptism date so everything’s going great! But it’s a real miracle that we have these people because during this time the people are all in the center of DF watching some dude get basically beating and hung until hes at the point of death! And then after he’s one of the most famous people in Mexico. ha Its way crazy. But during these days we found some great people that were going to baptize which is such a blessing. So dad im going to go to center of DF next Monday so if it’s possible to send me some money im going to go to this bank thing and check how it works and let you know. That's good that McFarland’s going because he was a jerk hopefully Brandon will do better than me without him as coach. Well what did you guys get for Easter from the rabbit? Was the food good and fun?
Well I love you all and miss you all very much talk to you next week with more info!
Elder Lowder

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