Tuesday, April 10, 2012

March 26, 2012


So, I’ll start by answering your questions. We did feel it (the earthquake) here but i didn’t feel it personally because we were walking, so we didn’t notice until everyone was running out of there houses and the cars started shaking and all that. There wasn’t any damage down here that I know of. So, this week was pretty good. we baptized again, 2 more people, Ivon and Jesus. I didn’t know it until like 1 day before the baptism but Jesus is a native Chimaluacan. Basically, his grandparents and great grandparents and distant relatives are the first people to be here and they basically started this part of Mexico. I thought that was pretty cool. So, because my companion has had his health problem, the work has slowed down, so we don’t have anyone for this week. I’m not mad or anything, but i don’t want to fall into a drought again. Just because all these people that we baptized aren’t just people or numbers or any of that to me. It’s something different. I’m always happy when they tell me things like they’re so happy they have this or different things like that. Just being able to watch their progress is something so powerful. It’s a different feeling then anything else I‘ve ever felt. I’ve never been so happy, so I’m wanting to continue with this helping and searching and baptizing. So, I’m not mad at my companion. We don’t have problems or any of that, but I am getting annoyed that his problem is keeping us from working. Also, the way he "asks" for things or says things is very disrespectful and just not correct. He doesn’t show much respect for our leaders or anyone because he thinks he smarter and better. Idk, its annoying but we’re getting along. He’s only got a little time left so I’m trying to keep all these feelings to myself so that i can help him end his mission in a positive way. That will help so we can continue to have the spirit with us in our lessons. So, I didn’t end up calling the bank, I’m still waiting to get permission. I was also thinking that I could call my bank and cancel this account and all that and you guys can open a new one somewhere else, Well I love you guys very much. I’m gonna’ send another email today because I have class very shortly and so I have to get ready to go. Hey, I love you guys very much and thank you guys so, so much for all your help. I miss you guys, bye!

Elder Lowder

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