Saturday, March 24, 2012

March 20., 2012

Hey guys!

It was another good week here in Mexico. This week we had 3 baptisms, Librado the husband of Wendy and Margarita, and Karina a Mom and daughter. It was way, way cool this week with these baptisms which were way spiritual. We have 2 people ready to go for this Saturday, Jesus and Ivon. Jesus is the friend of one of our converts, Teressa and Ivon is another one of Margaritas’ daughters. We had a little bit of a calm week of work because my companion is dying of a hemorrhoid and he isn’t shy about it. He’s always showing me stuff I don’t care to see. It’s seriously, freaking disgusting! We have to call the doctor tomorrow and find out if he’s going to be operated on. If he has surgery, he’s going home after for a 6 month recovery, so who knows. Mom, haha, that’s a month or so away. You’re already thinking about that? Yeah, you guys just have to buy a webcam and make an account on skype and that’s all. I’m planning on emailing all my pictures I have on this memory card home next week. Just remind me so i don’t forget, because I’m gonna’ explain some of them like who the people are and all that. Joe told me he put his papers in. I’m pretty excited about it. I told him he needs to get his call for my mission so I can train him, haha. Yes Mom, I promise I’ll do that next time I injure myself. My knee is all better, don’t worry Mom, haha. Dad I’m way mad about Peyton Manning but happy about Reggie Wayne. It should be interesting what happens with all that. I miss the temple, but I’ll be able to go a lot when I get back to live in the state of the factory of Mormonas, haha. So this week my companion and I watched Charley when he wasn’t allowed to go anywhere. I cried more than i have in like 4 years, haha. That’s a good movie. My companion doesn’t let me live it down about crying and makes fun of me all the time and tells all the members about it. It’s all good though, I don’t care at all. Oh hey dad, she wrote me once and that was last week. She’s way cool. So I’m way glad to hear everything is going good and that you’re all having fun. Keep doing that! I love you guys and miss you. Hey watch Charley for me and have a good cry please. Love you!

Elder Lowder

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