Thursday, October 25, 2012

October 15, 2012

Hey guys! So I’m feeling way good, but at the same time a little bummed out because my companion is headed out. It’s hard because he’s become one of my best friends that I would do anything for. He’s a great guy and a great missionary and it’s going to be hard to let our companionship go but it’s time to do so. I’m excited to train and teach this new missionary what the mission is. I’m excited to be able to help him become who he can become. I’m nervous but I know I can do it. So yesterday my companion and I went to go eat. We got there and they told us were gonna eat enchiladas! I love enchiladas they’re my favorite! So he asked me how many I wanted and thinking that they were the ones I loved said, give me 8. ha. So we start eating and they bring me my plate of enchiladas, then I saw what kind they were. They were enchiladas made with mole. I was like crap, you have got to be kidding me! So I looked at my companion and he started laughing. Then they brought him his plate and he was like, these are bad. I was like great. So we ate and ate almost dying in the process. When we walked out I felt terrible! I felt so sick it was ridiculous. So we went walking to the church because I wanted to sit on the toilet. Right when I walked into the gate of the church I was like noooo! And it came out! I started throwing up but it wasn’t normal. It was like one shot of about 2 seconds and then I kept walking to the bathroom and when I got there I started cleaning everything and boooooom again into the toilet. Now all this time my companion is dying with laughter. I walked out of the bathroom and started to talk to him and he was like, oh no! and he took of running and I followed him and he started throwing up, which made me throw up again. We both were throwing up, but dying with laughter doing it. It was awesome, hahahahaha. But yeah, it killed us. So we baptized again this week. I am praying that the same success my companion and I have had, my new companion and I can have. Well I miss you guys and love you guys. Elder Lowder

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