Thursday, October 25, 2012

October 8, 2012

Hey Guys! So this week was great! We baptized for the 12th week in a row! I’m so happy with what’s going on! Sadly, in a week my companion will be leaving and I’m going to train a new guy! so I’m excited for that but its gonna be tough to not have Elder Tapia as my companion. I know that the Lord only has more waiting for me. So iIsent you guys some pictures that some people sent me, hope you guys enjoy them. So I need a new memory card because I’m out of memory a year later, haha. So last week we baptized America. She is way awesome and received her answer in way that was awesome to be able to see! At church! We were talking about the revelation and the importance of it and I asked her, “America if God were next to us right now and he gave you some time to ask him the desires of your heart, what would you ask him?” She just sat there thinking and my companion and I could feel the spirit so strong working with us and teaching her. When she just started to cry out of no where. We gave her a little more time and then I asked how she felt and she said I know that this church is true and I know the book of Mormon is true. I want to be baptized on Saturday, so we baptized her, haha. It makes me feel emotional to know how much the Lord prepares the people and to see how much he loves them and just how capable we are as his children! I absolutely loved conference! I’m sure you guys know that my favorite talk was Elder Hollands. I felt the spirit so strongly in his testimony and it made me feel that much stronger about what I need to do in my life. As easy as Be Loyal to the Lord and work and do what he needs of me. I also loved President Monsons’ talk about how we should see people how they can become. That it doesn’t matter who it is in this world, they can become something amazing! We just have to open our mouth and share with them what we know to be true. I loved how he talked about the fact we should take an inventory on our lives to see the blessings we have received and what we need to change. Wow, great talks. So I just want to tell you guys I love you and miss you and hope that everything is ok because you’re putting your trust in the Lord! Elder Lowder

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