Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 9, 2013

Hey guys!, Wow! haha. You guys have it all planned out! Sounds great! What's an ob-gyn or what ever you guys said that the Stake President is going to be doing? So I'm a little nervous about the transition but I'm sure that's normal, but I'm also excited. I still can't believe the fact that it's basically over. I still feel as though I had just walked into those MTC doors crying about the fact that I had just said goodbye to my family for 2 years to become part of the Lords army and see the lives of many change and be able to change myself. I haven't been the greatest missionary ever but I know the Lord is happy with the work I've done. I know with all my heart that this gospel is true and that this is what I need and everyone needs to be happy and to be able to get back to our Father in Heavens presence. I know that Christ died for us and has given us a chance to get back to His presence. He knows what we're going through and He knows that we need Him to get back to His presence. I have been studying a lot lately in Alma 5 and trying to answer the questions that are there and trying to find every single little problem there is with me and fix it and make myself better in all I do. I hope I can get home and know that I will be an instrument in the Lords hands. I feel that everyone will be watching me and my every move to see if I've changed or whatever, but I know it's not important what everyone thinks. I know I've done my best to change and that's what matters and I know that the Lord is happy with me and what I've done. I will write you guys on Monday, haha. I'm excited and nervous! WOOO! Elder Lowder

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