Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September 2, 2013

Hey Guys, So, just to answer your question real fast, I'm not at all trunky, hahaha. I'm very happy and I'm working just as hard as ever and looking in every moment to get better. I am excited to get home though to see you guys and all that. Kellen is back? haha. He just couldn't stay away could he. It's gonna be hard to get up in front of the ward again and speak and teach in English! That freaks me out, haha. Has any one mentioned anything about that? So it's been raining a lot here which is frustrating but other than that everyone always says that i look like I'm glowing with happiness hahahaha. That's wierd. But anyways, this week my comp and I are gonna baptise 2 people and then next week we're gonna baptise 5 on my last week here, so I'm pretty excited that. I'm going to go home baptising and helping the people. So I don't know why but it feels harder to write now that I'm almost home, haha. Oh yeah, so this Saturday we're gonna have an activity with the Ward. We're gonna do the Olympics. We made a video like for an opening ceremony and we're gonna have a fog machine and some lights to get everyone super psyched and then we're gonna go play. But yeah, that about it. Love you guys and miss you Elder Lowder

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