Thursday, November 10, 2011

Still MTC

Hey guys sounds like things are pretty exciting back in wonderful Texas! I miss Texas so much i didnt realize how much i loved it until i got here! Well a lot has happened in just one week here and so ill try to get everything in and ill answer all your questions cause i wrote them down. Ok so lets start of on Monday it was a normal good day i dont think anything perticularly interesting happened. But tuesday is when all the crazyness happened. Well i woke up not feeling good with a tickly throaght and my muscle were weak and sore... yeah you can see where this is headed! IM SICK! I still have it and i went to the doctor today and i had to get my throaght swobbed and blood taken I have to go back at 2:30 and there gonna tell me what i have they said either mono, strep, or a virus. hmmm pretty specific? Well i cant go to the temple sick and ive been getting up and going to bed early and late so idk. But you know me im to stubborn to let it stop me so ive been doing the same schedule and all that all week and the only reason i went to the doc is because my teacher said i had to. But anyway this week Richard G. Scott came and spoke to us! WOW!! what a powerful spriit and some strong words!  To answer some questions Alisha hasnt gone to Texas yet she goes next week. if you could by her like some hot cheetos and lickorish for me! :) I do have to do everyhting in spanish except for gym, eating, and when im in my dorm but i usually speack spanish from 6:30 in the morninng until 9:30 at night. its a goal we set as a district. I havent recieved the package yet but im sure i will soon. I am in need of hair wax! I still cant believe the bball is still in lockout! i think its all for publisoty! I have one question for you guys! So if you notice the atonement is only mentioned 1 in the bible and it only talks about is for 3 verses in matthew,mark,luke, and john. In my mind the Greatest thing Jesus Christ brought to this earth was the atonement. and other religions dont know what it is or they dont care to much! why do you think so?  idk just something i was thinking about. Lets see My companions and I continue to do Great! we get along great and we teach great togehter although one still likes to talk alot more then others but hey its ok. Lets just say ive learned a lot of patience since ive been here! I cant wait to get out in the field! we have an investigator named miguel who is getting "baptized" tomorow and he passed the intervieww and everything! its not real but it sure does feel real! Im not to sure what i would want for christmas just cause it will prob be stuff i need in the field but ill deff. get that to you asap! this part of the eamil is going to be for granda and papa! i Love you guys and Miss you guys! i think about you all the time! one of the mistakes i made was not getting address from people before i left so im sorry i havent gotten to you guys! You guys can email me anytime you want i would love to hear from you guys! I miss you!
Well Family i cant really think of much else to tell you guys! ill prob end up thnking of some stuff in like 10 minutes if i do ill wright it down and email you tonight! Love you all and Miss you! thank you for the support! if you have wrote me or dearelder me i have wrote your letters and they were mailed today so you should get them soon!
Elder Lowder

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