Thursday, November 10, 2011

Week 4 MTC

Hola Como Esta Mi Familia!,
Everything continues to be great here at the MTC! Myonly complaint is its 5 degrees outside everyday and I freaze my nips off everytime i go outside! Ok so i have a few questions before i start telling stories because if i dont do it now i willl forget just like vevery week! First question is for dad. There is a girl that works in the mail room her name is something Lowder spelled the same and everything i cant remember where she said she was from or anything like that are we related? haha i  just realized thats not enough info about her so ill ask her again next time i see her what her name is and her parents and where shes from and all that. Question 2. My immunization record doesnt have all the dates on it for all my shots. i keep getting called to the medical center because they need to know before i leave if i have resieved the shots and when because if i havent then I have to get them befroe i leave but im pretty sure i have gotten every single one i need. So can you guys send me that asap! please! I am in need of a few things.... When i play ball everyday i sweat a lot so my garments get sweaty and there starting to get a little yellow stain to them in the armpits. Do you think you can send me some boxer briefs for gym?Another thing my ipod for some reason idk why just stopped working it wont turn on even after i charge it. nothing. so is there anything we can do? just let me know what i need to do. If your wanting some suggestions on what to send food wise in my package. Healthy snacks!! Like some nuts or just anything i like thats not sweet and sugary! im sick of the sugary!  Thats all they have here! They wonder why people gain 30 ibs in the MTC! Its getting crazy cold here! it snowed yesterday! In September! Really?! So with my whole chipped tooth thing. It was like last Thursday when it happened and i was down low gaurding a 6'5 guy! They always give me the best player because i dont let people score on me? At least thats what they say idk. But anyway he was trying to back me down and i wasnt letting him go anywhere so he turned and pump faked and when he did i leaned in and right when i leaned in he jumped and his shoulder went right into my chin and my front tooth (not the one that was chipped a long time ago) hit smacked into my bottom teeth and it chipped a little and i bit both sides of my tounge! The tounge was worse than my tooth but it healed after a few days! I wasnt going to worry about the chip because it wasnt noticable but iwas rough on my tounge and stuff and it annoyed me so i went and the had a volunteer dentist look at it and he said set him up to go visit a dentist. It was sooooo wierd to be outside of the MTC seriously it was like what the heck is this! i felt wierd but then when it was time to go back i didnt want to! i told my comps that we should leave and just go start converting and hitch hiking to mexico the spanish will come at some point! they just laughed and said yeah right.So im so glad i got to talk to you today mom they said they were gonna let me talk to both you and dad but dad didnt answer i guess you were with a patient! sorry about that. I get to call when they tell me my flight plans and then i get to call at the airport and talk until my flight leaves. So i have to go to the temple in like 5 minutes we go every friday and do a session! its awesome! im gonna get back on and email again later after the temple and tell more stuff. Well ill try to cause i might not have to much time. But one more thing before i go. Wasnt that an awesome weekend of confference! wow what powerful talks and great messages! My favorite talk of the weekend has to be Hollands at the priesthood session! if you didnt see it (mom) its on watch it! that was an awesome talk! when he got done i remember thinking alright lets close with a prayer and call it a night cause i was just blown away! i liove holland that man is sooooo awesome!! ill get back on later and telll more stuff! Love you guys! Miss you!
Elder Lowder

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