Monday, December 12, 2011

December 5, 2011

Hey Everyone,

Well one more week is down and it went by so fast. No lie, it was crazy. Last night I was talking to my comp and it was time to plan and he said, we had this and that stuff we do on p day and I was like noooo, tomorrow isn’t p-day. He was like, yes it is and yeah it was crazy. Anyways, it was a good week. We had one baptism yesterday the other couldn’t make it, so it’s rescheduled to this week and we have 3 more so 4 this Sunday. The only problem is that we have to marry a couple so we can baptize the wife cause the husband is a member but was baptized before they were a thing. The wife isn’t very intelligent so she doesn’t really understand me when I talk which is frustrating because I want to teach her but she can’t understand. It’s ok, I talk and my comp helps her understand. The baptism yesterday was such a great experience. It felt so good to watch someone I helped teach take that step in their life to follow Christ. So I love the idea of doing the Christmas gift thing for a family. I have some people in mind but I will talk to my comp about it and we will decide but we will definitely do that. So if I spell something wrong I can’t do spell check because the computer is in Spanish so no matter what, all the words I type are spelled wrong because they’re in English, so just ignore the spelling, sorry haha. I got the package yesterday and I couldn’t stop smiling. It was a great spirit lifter because I was feeling a little down yesterday because I got mad at my companion pretty bad and we had a talk and stuff and I felt bad. Everything is good now and he understands how frustrated I’ve been with him working and everything and he’s been doing great, and I’ve been working on things about myself too, so things are great. So I have a question. I am aloud to call either 24 or 25 of December. Which day is best for you guys? Let me know please. So as you all know I hate fish and just hate it. So we went to a members house to eat and we walked in and it smelled amazing. She put the soup in front of me I ate it and it was awesome and then she put a plate in front of me and I couldn’t tell what it was and she didn’t tell us. So I just thought and came to the conclusion that it was chicken. I grabbed my tortilla and went to town and it was sooooo good and my companion knows I don’t like fish and I ate 2 plates of it and after I was done he looked at me and said, do you know what you just ate? I said, no and he said, fish and I was like noooo way, it was seriously soo freaking good. I thought of you guys cause I know how much you guys like fish and so yeah, it was way good. So another story. We were in a lesson and we were talking and teaching and I had to fart and I had been doing it all day. They were silent all day and didn’t stink and so I figured, it’s ok, no problem. So I let it go and it was loud and long and right when it happened I looked at my companion like it was him that did it cause the investigator was staring at me and laughing and she believed it was him. It was seriously one of the funniest situations I’ve ever been in. So another is, we were walking to an appointment and something happened to my comp, idk what it was but he just yells the f word and I was like Elder, what did you just say? He said it again and I said, do you know what that means? He said, no and I explained it and I just laughed about it. So everywhere I go, about 4 or 5 times a day a person stops us and says, I’m no interested in your church, but I need help with English and asks me a question and I help them . My comp decided to tell my bishop about this and so he decided that we’re going to have a thing every week where I teach English to people, investigators, members, random people. I was like, ok sounds good, so I’m teaching an English class each week. So I went and bought me a thing of sanitizer cause I’m still a clean freak about my body and now the house and all of my things and so every time I touch something and feel nasty, Ii throw a drop on my hands and go to town! so I’m pretty bugged right now because I was talking to my zone leaders today and one is white and he was like, you want to know something and I said sure and he said no matter what type, except for 2 types of water, all the other types turn your teeth yellow here in Mexico. I’m pretty ticked about this because I like my teeth white! Ho he was like, whiten your teeth before you go home. All day I’ve been looking in the mirror at my teeth and I can’t tell if they have changed or not, so I’m bugged about it. Well vie got to go. Sorry it took so long to get this off. Today was a busy, crazy p-day. It will be a lot earlier next week. Hey keep all the traditions going for me, do them all and have fun for me! I love you. Enjoy your hallmarks mom and dad, enjoy your Christmas football and Brandon, enjoy your sneaking around sniffin out the presents, haha. Have fun guys. I love you and talk to you next Monday!

Elder Lowder

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