Sunday, January 22, 2012

December 27, 2011

I don’t have an accented voice! Hey guys i loved talking to you yesterday also! It made my Christmas to talk to you guys cause to be honest i was trying my hardest to make it fun but nobody has traditions here so i was feeling a little alone but as far as focusing on the meaning behind everything it was the best. I’m gonna make this one short and for you guys only. I know this church is true I know that there is no other religion that is so exactly perfect that there is no way that Heavenly Father is the head of this church. I know that our prophet for these days is Joseph Smith and that he restored this gospel through his powerful and strong faith. I know that for this time right now Thomas S. Monson is the true prophet on this earth right now and that he does talk with our Father and receive revelation for our church for us to know exactly what our loving Father wants for us. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God for these later days the power of the Book of Mormon is the missionary its all we have that changes the lives of our investigators as long as the Spirit is working together with it and the missionaries. I know that this work that i am a part of is so special to me and is the opportunity of the life time for every 19 year boy to enter into as long as they follow the example of Jesus Christ and understand the importance of keeping the commandments of God all of them that we receive through the prophets and all i know these things and if there is any doubt for anyone in he world i know if they ask they will feel it and receive that its true i know because ive seen it and felt it in my life. i know this i love you guys so much and so thankful for all you guys have done and still do for me in my life i am where i am because of each one of you guys and you awesome examples. I say this in the name of our loving savior redeemer Jesus Christ amen.

Love Elder Lowder

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