Thursday, March 15, 2012

February 13, 2012

Hey guys!

So this week was good! Just want to clear things up. This week I realized I hadn’t lost focus or I hadn’t lost my vision. I had an interview with my zone leader who I have a lot of respect for. He was my district leader before my zone leader. He asked how I was doing and how I felt and I explained that I was pretty down. 2 weeks ago, because of the attitude of my companion and just things he said that got to me, I explained how he really killed my confidence in a lot of things. My Zone leader, Elder Ramirez, said look I want you to understand something about your companion. He is a disobedient, big headed punk who has had a lot of problems in his mission, so he does these things to make himself feel better as a missionary. He told me that President told my zone leader to check up on me and make sure I was doing ok and that I was keeping my head up. When I report to my President, I tell him how I feel and everything because I want to be able to receive help from him. Elder Ramirez told me, look I’ve know you since day one here in Mexico when you started, I’ve worked with you on divisions so i can say this and mean it. You are one of the best we have in this mission. I can’t say that about a lot of people who have the same time as you or who have a lot more time then you. You are going to do a lot for this mission. This is just a trial to test your faith and your ability and to help you learn what not to be. Enjoy it, learn from it, don’t get down, keep learning, obeying, and bettering yourself every day. I know you and I know you are ahead of a lot of missionaries in this mission with leadership, knowledge and the fire that you have. Love you Bro. I’m always here for you and you know if there’s ever a problem you know I’ll be there. I felt really appreciative for that interview with him because I got my confidence back as a missionary. I really gave thanks to Father in Heaven last night because of this blessing I have to learn from my companion. I also had the opportunity to talk to an inactive member in my neighbors house last night about a lot of things that were way special. The spirit was so strong with experiences that were being shared and the doctrine that was being shared. I was so thankful for that opportunity. I know that Heavenly Father puts special people in our lives to learn from them and to really help them or be helped by them. I have a month or so with my companion and I have already learned so much about how I need to never get down on myself and who I need to continue being and how I need to continue getting better and continue learning everything I can about the mission. I know that through experiences in the mission and before the mission that this is true. I’ve learned so much from people in my life and it’s such a testimony builder every time that I know that it’s all part of the plan and that there’s always lessons to be learned in every single situation in our lives. There’s never nothing to learn because that’s not how we progress.

To answer questions, Dad I want you to know that it wasn’t pride or anything that I had a problem with because with my other companion, the things my new companion wwere telling me were problems, I didn’t have with him, if that makes sense. I prayed and asked for help with those things I had problems with and it wasn’t ever an answer that had to do with those things my companion was telling me. Every time it was things of changing my ways of study or little things that I need to get better at. I hope I’m not sounding big headed or prideful because it’s the opposite of that. It’s just I know that it wasn’t my fault. I know that i did nothing wrong and wasn’t doing anything wrong. I have learned a lot of things from this. The blessing is that it’s not things that I was being told I had problems with. I know I was in the position I was in because Heavenly Father wanted me to realize that not everyone that has experience is correct. I hope this makes sense.

This week was way good. We worked really hard focusing on specific streets and specific people. We have 2 different people that have dates to baptize this week. I’m going to really put my whole heart into them to help them make this step in their lives. I don’t want anything to get in the way, so I’m going to really be there and check up on them a lot and help them.
So I had a conversation with a member who told me in the news a lot of people are hearing trumpets in the air. They’re saying that the signs of the second coming are starting to come because of these trumpets. I know that we still have a lot of things that need to come to pass but I know that these things can happen so fast. So I want to really know what you guys think about when the second coming will arrive? Please answer this question! Haha. I know that no one knows when it’s going to be here. I just want to know if maybe this whole thing is just people that are stressing out or freaking out about 2012 and so they’re saying they’re hearing things or what?

Mom Good luck with the YC. I’ll be praying that everything goes how you want it to go and that the spirit is there very strong and that they learn a lot. I know they will. Love you.

Dad, that’s so awesome that you had that opportunity to talk to Bro Clemons. He needs to take this opportunity in his life and really help his kids. Tell him I said that I have confidence in him and that I know that if he does this, it’s going to be the best decision he will make because it’s going to lead to eternity with his family and so much more. Love you.

Brandon, that’s way awesome that you had a good time with baptisms and with the Johnstons. Did you learn anything special in the temple? Get your grades up Brandon. I promise you I know how hard it is and how you don’t want to study or do your work but it’s going to pay off so much in the future. If you have trouble with something in school or life you have me, mom, dad, and especially Heavenly Father there to help! Read, study, believe me, it will pay off! Love you.

Hey I got my package from the ward for Christmas on Thursday, haha. So, tell them thank you so much I really enjoyed reading the cards and everything!

Love you guys and miss you. Keep doing what you’re doing. I’m doing great and really learning so much everyday. I love you guys. Thank you for everything you do!

Elder Lowder

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