Thursday, March 15, 2012

February 6, 2012

Hey guys!

My companion is doing good. He’s working hard and I’m learning a lot from him. Today I was having a lot of trouble, really struggling, because this past week was terrible for me. I didn’t want to work. I was questioning myself and my abilities and while I’m talking to people, I’ve just been really down and sad. Today in my district class, I went there with a lot of anger just at my comp. because he wrote pres and said, my companion wasn’t focused this week and didn’t work very hard. So I was just way mad. I got there and the class was over the importance of receiving revelation at church. I was thinking about what I could talk to my companion about to let him know I didn’t like what he did and that I’m struggling and having a hard time with him and the work. While I was thinking about it, I had a thought about the MTC and how happy I was and how much I loved teaching and wanted to help the investigator and focused so much on them, which made me so happy. When I realized that I was faulting that here in Mexico with the people, I wasn’t focused on them and how I could help them, but more on how I don’t want to mess up or teach wrong or embarrass myself, just things like that. I realized that this is why I’m not as happy as I was and why this week I didn’t feel too happy. I am so ready to get out there tomorrow and start over and just work as hard as I can! I talked to my President and told him about it and how I got an answer and everything. I’m so thankful that I found this answer and that I know what I need to do to find and teach and to really focus not in the lessons and how perfect I teach or explain, but more on them and how they feel and if this lesson is what they need at this time.

I’m So happy to get emails from members telling me that you guys are really the strength of a lot of things and that you guys are helping move the work forward. I love it! Mom you’re awesome. I’m so amazed with your strength with your calling and work and everything that you wake up every day and continue to work and help those around you. Same with you, Dad that you’re being strong and helping the ward and visiting people and doing your calling the way you need to! I’m so proud of you guys and am so happy to be your kid! I want to read that book, Dad! I heard its way good and has a lot of cool and good information!

Well thank you guys so much for the money and for your patience and support! I love you guys and miss you!

Elder Lowder

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