Monday, August 6, 2012


Hey! So this week was way, way good! We baptized Sunday! I was so happy to help Tania make that covenant! So this week I did finally get my money, thank you so much, Dad! I know that none of it was your fault its always the banks that cause the problem! Well this week I had the opportunity to talk to a Christian man. We knocked on his door and contacted him and he said I’m Christian, did you know you’re saved? So as I’m sure you know, I was great, here we go again. We started talking about what it means to be saved and what we need to do to be saved. He started to tell me that our works don’t matter only if we except Jesus in our lives. So I pulled out the verse in the bible in Matthew that says Faith without works is dead. He told me that it doesn’t mean the kind of works that we think but service and good works. I explained it to him what it means. Where I’m going with this is that this week when I had the opportunity to talk to him, it strengthened my testimony so much more that this is the truth, because a verse so clear and so easy to understand someone can take it completely differently! He ended telling us i we want to come back another time we were welcome to do so. Were gonna go visit him this week. So this week was pretty calm also here but it was a good week. I hope that you guys enjoy your time together and with the Cooks today! Be good and have fun out there! Be safe also! Oh and about time that Aunt Kim’s taking care of it! We’ll talk to you next week miss you all! Elder Lowder Hey guys! So this week was good but my baptism fell through. It was the Moms fault, haha. But it’s all good, we found 3 new families, one family of 4 and two families of 2! There great people! So the rain seasons started, so now it rains just out of nowhere. It will be sunny one second and the other start raining. So it’s pretty bipolar here in Mexico. I asked for the waffle recipe because my neighbor wants to make them for me! So, my companion is officially revived so don’t worry, he’s working hard with me every day! This week was pretty calm. Except yesterday, I had the opportunity to teach someone named Jesus who has been listening to the missionaries for about 10 years. He has problems with smoking and drinking. We went to visit him with a member and started talking to him and he told us his story of why he hasn’t been baptized. A lot of It was basically because of his smoking and drinking problems. So we talked to him and shared some scriptures with him and told him what he needed to do. He and his Mom started to cry and just felt the spirit so strongly and I did too. He accepted to be baptized and everything! So for me it was way special. Dad, you probably already know this but at least here, a lot of people that put off their baptism is because they don’t feel like they have enough knowledge of the Gospel or they don’t feel ready. Alma 32 has always helped a lot and explaining the importance of prayer and the answer that they need. If you talk to him, Dad and read that chapter with him and share your testimony from your heart of how this is true, I know he will be baptized. I just feel he doesn’t feel exactly sure about it all yet but if you help him feel that way I know he will do it. Just what I think, will help him a lot. Well Mom, buy ya some spray and hike it with ya! Nah don’t worry about the bugs it will be fun! Well I don’t have much to share this week either but I love you guys and I’m so thankful that you guys prepared me like you did to get to where I’m at right now! love you all and miss you all! Elder Lowder

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