Monday, August 6, 2012

More July

hey guys! Well this week was good. My investigator Fransisca didn’t come to church again, so we let her go. Sandra and her 4 kids are progressing amazingly! They came to church yesterday and loved it! They should be baptized this week but we have to marry the mom and the dad so we have that to check off. So, tomorrow I get a new companion and Elder Dias is going home. My new companion is coming tomorrow and its gonna be Elder Tapia again, hahaha. We got along together really well and he’s way obedient also so we should have a lot of success together. Why did Papa have to have surgery? So, I’m kind of glad that my companion is heading home. My companion has been very depressing and quiet and very serious and he complains a lot. So the 3 last three months have been hard for that reason. elder Tapia has 6 months in the mission and I know him very well, so its gonna be a big change and a big help for me. Joe sent me an email and seems pretty excited and ready for things to come which is awesome to see. I know he will do great out there. So I miss you all and love you all I am really putting a lot of faith that this next month or however long will be, will be great. Elder Lowder

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