Tuesday, September 11, 2012

August 27, 2012

Hey guys! This week went really good! We baptized and had the opportunity to meet new people and share our message. We actually have to change apartments because President called me and said that he doesn’t want us to live there anymore because there’s not a priesthood holder in the home. I completely understand, so we looking for a new apartment. So I got the money, thank you guys very very much. I actually went today and bought me some new shoes. My clothes are fine. My shirts are yellow but its the style here in the mission. haha So that’s pretty crazy to think that Brandon’s already had his first day of high school. So I just want to share some words with Brandon about that experience he’s going to have. High school is what you make of it. You can really study and do what you’re supposed to do or not do that and be like me and just barely pass because it bores you. Im gonna be honest, ever since I’ve left school, I’ve had a fire to learn, I want to learn, I want to study. I don’t know if its because of the gospel or I just want to be smart, idk but I want to learn. Brandon, don’t give away this opportunity that you have to do good in school. There is time to study and time to pray. It’s honestly a lot easier to be able to study right when you get home so that you can have the time to rest afterwards. Don’t be lazy, do your school work and ask the teachers, study! Its doesn’t mean that you’re a "nerd" to study because everyone does it, so please Brandon, take advantage of it. Also, I want you to read a few verses for me; 3rd Nephi chapter 18 verses 18 and 19. Brandon, you need to pray always because you are going to have ALOT of temptations because like it says, Satan wants you to fall and doesn’t want you to do the things that the Lord does.Your favorite word needs to be NO. I want you to be strong. I know you will be, I trust you and I want you to please!!, PLEASE!! put time in your week to write me and ask me for help in whatever you need life, friends, stress, SPANISH haha. Love you Brandon be strong. So I feel great to be here and I’m in the same area as when we talked on Mothers day. It’s way small, but thanks to the blessings that the Lord has given me, I’ve been able to be a tool in his hands to help strengthen this ward, to make it bigger, and happier. Ether 12: 4, If we have a firm hope for a better world we will have nothing to worry about because our faith will be like an anchor, always abiding in good works and always putting the Lord first above all things. I love you guys and I hope you guys will make the chain that holds the anchor of your faith stronger everyday so that you will never pass for anything that will make you fall. I hope I can give you something to make you wake everyday and feel like I do everyday. Today is going to be great no matter what happens, it will be great because the Lord lives! With Love, Elder Lowder

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