Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 3, 2012

Como estan Familia, Well this week was pretty good and tiring. We confirmed someone a member of the church and we were told by someone on Sunday that they want to be baptized this week along with about 2 other people, so that’s way exciting! Well I’m way tired today because we played basketball for like 3 hours in the blazing heat! So I’m sun burned and tired. So, I’m glad to hear everything is going good, how’s Brandon in school? That’s good to hear he played, but hopefully they win next week. So I’m not to sure what to talk about. Oh, so this week I went to my church building to an appointment I had and when I got there, some guy started talking to me and he was like, yeah, I served my mission in Veracruz and I was like, oh that’s cool. Do you know Dallas Reynolds? He was like, Yeah! I trained him! and I was like no way, that’s awesome! So we talked for a while about that. I thought it was pretty funny that I found someone that Dallas knows. I thought that Uncle Michael was going to have his baby in November? So Dad, start a new email please. I need to talk to you about something. It’s not bad but its just something I want to do and so if you can please do that and let me know. Well, we’re still doing great. I thought I would have transfers but I didn’t and the ward started getting sad when they asked me and I told them I didn’t know. I dint have transfers so I’ll still be here for the activity this Saturday that we’ve been planning.. All the members have promised to bring like 4 or 5 people, every single one, so it should be great. Well, I just want to end with something that happened this week. So we were teaching a family of 5 this week the plan of salvation. When we taught, it we did our best to help them feel that it was true. They told us that they want to change everything they were doing to be better people. On Saturday, we went with them again and asked them if they were still planning on going with us Sunday and they had a bunch of reasons why no,t so they said no and we left. We got to church the next day and they came and we asked what happened and they said, well we woke up and felt like we needed to come. It was way awesome. I love this! Love you guys miss you and pray for the activity to be good on Saturday! Elder Lowder

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