Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 10, 2012

Hey guys! So the activity was a success! Although Satan worked his butt off all week to make sure we didn’t have success. Well, I want to let you know what’s going on here but don’t be afraid. I’m very very protected and I feel more than safe where I’m at. So, as you may know, a new President was called here in Mexico and his name is Peña Nieto. The people here don’t like him and they do not want him as President. Because its very corrupted here, he won by cheating and buying votes. So the people are very very mad about it. So, what happened all week was there were mobs and marches in the streets, burning houses and stores and killing people. So as you can probably tell, the people didn’t want to leave their houses for anything, including the members. We worked like normal because there wasn’t any concern but we started receiving calls from the members saying, cancel the activity because no one’s gonna come and we’re not going to come and things like that. So my companion and I went from house to house trying to explain to them that the if we trust in the Lord and know that the plan of salvation is true, that nothing would happen that isn’t part of the Lord’s plan and other things like that. But nothing! So, we went to the Stake Presidents’ house and I was like, look what do we do, the members don’t want to go and they’re all saying cancel the activity because of what’s going on out there. I was like look, I don’t want to cancel it because i don’t think anything bad is going to happen. He only told me don’t worry, it’s going to happen. So I was sure it was going to happen. We went to church the next day and when we got there we sat there for an hour waiting for the members to get there, but no one showed up. So we said a prayer and the members started showing up! The activity was amazing! We had more success then I expected and the rooms turned out awesome!! I was so happy with the work of the members and their faith, to be able to see it in practice was a great blessing. To come to church and have the activity and not be worried about what could happen. So we ended the activity with everyone happy and me exhausted! We started getting the things ready for the baptism the next day. We got to church the next day ready to baptize when we were told the President of the Young Women passed away the night before. So they told me that we were gonna baptize but it may not have that much support because all the members were helping the family out. I was like, great, but at the same time I felt bad for them. But in spite of the sadness and all that happened, she was baptized and we received a lot of support. It was a great week! We have a family of 3 ready for baptism this week and 2 more for the next and 4 more for the next! So I’m pretty happy! Dad, make a new email and email me like a new account! Love you and miss you all talk to you next week! Love, Elder Lowder

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