Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September, 17 2012

Hey guys, So this week was good, we baptized 3 people last week, 1 the week before, and 4 this week. This week coming up we have 2, so we’re doing really well thanks to the members of our ward because they’re giving us references and working really hard. So Mom, good thing that you feel that way because I’m always safe without problem here, don’t get worried. So, I’m glad to hear that everything is going good at home. It feels absolutely crazy to have one year in the mission. Just thinking about how fast the first one went makes me scared to think about how fast the second will go! I’m not gonna lie, I love you guys a lot and miss you all a lot but I don’t want to come home, I love it here. I think everyone feels that way. So, I was thinking the other day about the change that has happened with me here in one year. Its honestly mind blowing to think of the power that the Lord has to be able to take someone so prideful, stubborn, and crazy like me and change me into who I am now. I can’t explain how happy I feel to be where I’m at and where I will be in one year. So I hope this week is good and that it’s a success for you guys. That you guys can take the bad and make it good and really apply the atonement in your lives everyday and enjoy all that we have received from it. I can’t explain to you guys how it feels to make sure everything is good with Father in Heaven and to do everything we can possibly do so that it stays the way he wants. I love you guys and thank my Father in Heaven everyday for what you guys and he has done for me. Love you and Miss you. Elder Lowder

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