Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September 24, 2012

Hey guys!, So this week was great! We baptized an investigator that had been investigating the church for over 30 years and his daughter. The Lord really prepares the people! We also had an experience with a new family that was amazing! So on Friday we invited a family of investigators to go to the church for a tour and see what we have and all that. We went with them and started the tour with a prayer and we promised them that whatever problem or question they had would be solved here and that they only needed faith and to ask and the answers would come. So during the tour, they were very quiet and it made my companion and I nervous. We just kept going and we asked if everything was ok and they said yes, we’re good. Well, we finished the tour and went into the room and started to teach one of the most powerful lessons we have and that all missionaries have, the Book of Mormon. When we started, we made a lot of promises and gave them moments to be able to meditate about what we were teaching and focus in on the feelings. We told them that they should take some time to close their eyes and focus in on what the Lord was trying to teach them. The Mom started crying and her husband just sat there. We asked the husband first how he felt. He said I feel very calm and I feel like everything will be alright and that this is true. Then we asked the mom and she said I feel safe and sure about everything I’ve heard you guys teach me. I feel like I’m ready for anything. So we took advantage of the moment and invited them to be baptized September 30th and they accepted with a big smile on their face. It was amazing to see them have that change so fast and to see them receive their answers. It was such a powerful experience to see the promises of the Lord being put into practice! I’m so glad to be able to see that you guys are happy and that you’re fulfilling your purpose here on earth and are trying to progress everyday and if you can do more, do it! I wish you all could feel how I feel to see these people make these changes and to see them really receive their answers. So just to let you know, everything has calmed down here and there hasn’t been any problems. Well, I love you and miss you guys very much and hope you guys can feel what I feel everyday! Elder Lowder

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