Sunday, December 16, 2012

November 26, 2012

Hey guys! So this week was good! We had success and we’re feeling good about the season. The only thing that’s a bother is that the Catholics are coming out to worship a bunch their Virgin Marias. On the 12th of December they walk for miles and miles and days and days to go visit a Virgin Maria statue here in Mexico, so it gets pretty crazy and hard to find people. So the packages you guys sent just got here today. Did you guys send me 2 for Christmas and one before these or just these 2? Let me know so I can make sure. I didn’t have time to get my money. So I don’t know if they sent it back or not. So the pics look like you guys enjoyed yourselves a lot! I can’t believe how big Uncle Michael and Aunt Susies kids are, holy cow! So about that question you guys asked me about the money and helping a family here for Christmas, I would absolutely love to do that again if you guys want to. I have a family chosen already that needs a lot of help and if they don’t get it they wont have a Christmas. But you guys talk about it and let me know. I love you guys and Miss you guys very much and hope you’re safe and happy! Elder Lowder

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