Sunday, December 16, 2012

November 5,2012

Hey Guys!, So this week was great! A bunch of work im exausted! But im happy feeling exausted. Everyday my companion and I are waking up at 6 to go and run and all that so its good stuff.So this past week we didnt baptise. But this week we have a family of 4 with baptismal date so thats way exciting! We might be able to baptise 5 but we have to talk to a lady. So Dad if you guys want to send that many that will be fine with me but its your decision. But if you can let me know before the tonight that would be great! So the other day i killed my first dog! hahaha i felt terrible! But what happened was my companion and I went running and we were on our way back home. While i was running there was a dog in the corner of the street. Well the dog didnt see me coming and so when i got close to it i guess the dog got scared so it took of running into the middle of the street and a car hit the crap out of it! So i stopped running and i yelled holy crap!!! I felt so bad! But anyway it was time for it to go. So im very excited for the holiday season. Im loving it and learning a lot about Jesus Christ! About the second coming its for a memeber in my ward. But its not like i can read that book here because i dont i have it and i wouldnt have any idea in where to find it.So if you can send me that info that would be great! I love you guys and miss you all jand cant wait to talk to you guys on Christmas! Elder Lowder

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