Saturday, January 19, 2013

January 14, 2013

Hey Guys!!!!! This week has been very good! As a district, it was kind of hard. This week I have plans to do a lot of things for the district. So I’m teaching right now a Jose de Jesus, Dulce, and the Familia Salazar right now. I don’t have many investigators right now but we’re in the process of that. This week Jose de Jesus is going to get baptized he doesn’t have any problems that are gonna make him not get baptized. We’re gonna baptize him on Saturday afternoon! So this week I started doing exercise and it felt great! Especially to start my day off like that and then start working in the Lords work. So like I said I have a lot of plans for my district this week to be able to help them out. This week I’m gonna go on divisions with every single companionship in my district so that I can help them find new investigators and put more baptismal dates together. So I pray that this will help us have more success. I know it will because I was at church on Sunday and felt that this is what my district needs. So I hope that you guys stay away from the flu and all the sicknesses going around. I am feeling great again like I said! Maybe giving blessings to the whole family will help you guys recover 100%, just a suggestion. So just to let you guys know tomorrow morning I’m going to go take out the money! Also I won’t be in my house all week until Saturday because like I said I’m going to go on divisions all week so if there’s anything you need to tell me, let me know in your letter next week! I miss you guys and Love you guys a lot! Elder Lowder

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