Saturday, February 2, 2013

January 21,2013

Hey guys!, So this week was very very long and interesting, but great! Like I said, I went on divisions all week with my district. When I got back, I was exhausted!! On Tuesday I went with Elder Parkinson, on Wednesday I went with Elder Uresti, Thursday Elder Huaser, and Friday Elder Lee. I got to know them pretty well and had the opportunity to learn from them and teach them, which was great! So on Thursday I got sick! I was throwing up and I had diarrhea. My body hurt and I was exhausted but I went to work like that. I almost died, but I made it through. On Friday my Zone Leaders came and gave me a blessing with my companion and I felt great afterward. We had success but we could have had more. I talked to my president and he helped me see what else we were missing as a district to have success. He told me that a lot of the Elders in my district aren’t completing their goals that they put down and that President has given us. So today I’m gonna talk about that in the class so that we can start having success. So I’m glad to hear everything is going great for you guys and that you are all working hard. My exercise is going good and eating better food helped me feel better until I got sick again. That made me lose weight again but I’m all better now, don’t worry. I love you guys and miss you all!! Let me know the number code! Elder Lowder

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