Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March 4, 2013

Hey guys! I love being Zone Leader! It’s fun to be able to teach the zone! I love standing in front of a group of people and teach what I know to be true! It’s awesome to be able to serve and help also! I’m happier because my comp is pretty cool and works really hard so we get along very well! His name is Elder Quiñones and he’s from Aquas Calientes. He’s way cool. So I don’t know if you guys have heard about the fact that they are going to start new missions. I’ve been called to serve in the Mexico City Chalco Mission. President Morales called me and told me the other day, hahaha, it’s crazy! He also told me he wants to put me as assistant to the new mission President O_O but we’ll see what happens, hahaha. So I still cant believe the fact that I have completed 18 months in the mission! I’m happy and as much as I miss you guys I don’t want to go back home, hahaha. I want to stay and keep preaching the word of God! Holy cow! I saw the picture of Brandon. He’s still not as tall as me! No, we can’t extend anymore. I wish, but no. We did good as a Zone this week. We baptized 12 and we 18 with dates this week. It makes me feel good because before I got here this zone baptized like 5 or 6 every week. So I’m way happy that the Lord has helped my companion and I make all that better. My companion and I baptized 3 this week. I have 11 weeks baptizing in a row, haha. I’m excited about that. We have 4 with baptismal dates for this week. I love you guys and Miss you guys! Elder Lowder

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