Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April 15, 2013

Hey guys!, So this week was good, we baptized and have people to baptize for the next 3 weeks! So I just want to thank you guys for all you do to help me out and just for everything you guys do for everyone out there. So Dad, how is it going with that patient that is interested in the Gospel? How is Brother Clemons doing in his process? Is Brandon doing good? Still hanging out with Ammon? So I’ve been doing P90x with my comp in the morning and when we have time at night and I feel great! I’m gonna get back looking better, promise! So dad, I was thinking and talking to my comp the other day and we were talking about Nauvoo and I remembered when we went you said that we are related to the gun smith that was there? I don’t know if you remember but if you do fill me in on some information about that because Elder Willis says that he’s related to them so it could be that we’re family in some way or another, hahaha. So I was wanting to know if you guys have anything planned for my return? I’ve been thinking a little bit about where I want to study and what I want to do and all that. I’m almost sure that I want to study in Arizona but I still have a little bit of desire to study in Utah. I’m wanting to study something that has to do with psychology or the body like nutrition and weight lifting, health stuff, hahaha, but i don’t know yet. So i was thinking the other day about a lot of things while I was in a meeting with my Mission President and the Area 70 and the assistants and Stake Presidents. As I listened to them complain about all the problems they have in their Stakes and Wards when it comes to missionary work. All the things they complained about were that organizations were’nt completing their responsibilities and things like that. As I was thinking about what they were saying, a story came to my mind in the Bible. It was when Jesus Christ dies for us and then he’s resurrected. When he dies and is resurrected what the apostles do. Peter basically tells them, like Jeffrey R Holland said in 2 conferences ago, that we did our best, we worked hard but I’m afraid it’s over and all that. So they go back to work as fishermen. Then as they were fishing, Christ comes back and asks Peter if he loves him 3 times and all three times he says, yes. This came to my mind and I thought about the importance of verifying the things in the church. Like as zone leaders we give orders to the district leaders and they give them to their missionaries. Everytime we give an order, we always call 4 or 5 times a day to check to see if they’re doing what we asked them to do and we check how they’re doing and what they’re doing and all that. When we do this the missionaries always do what we ask because they remember and they don’t have any excuse to not do it. I feel that this is a very very good way to be able to make sure that our revelation and the revelation from President Morales is being completed. This is something that I’ve personally never seen in the church being used as much as we should use it. I’m sure that we do it, but just sometimes not as much as we can. I honestly feel very strongly about this. That if we truly verify with our organizations and help them complete the things they need to do, they’re going to do it. But now I haven’t explained to you all why that story is in the Bible. In that story, Jesus Christ can see that his apostles are full fulfilling the things that he sent them to do. So our Savior goes and verifies 3 times to Peter about why he isn’t doing the things he asked him to do. After Jesus asks him 3 times if he loves him and 3 times tells him what he should be doing Peter and the other Apostles are converted again and start doing what the Lord asked them to do. I know with all my heart that when we are asked to do something, sometimes we forget or we just don’t do it. But I know that as leaders, if we verify with our quorums or our Wards, we will have more success. I know that this is true. I know it because I’ve seen it here in the mission as a missionary and a leader I have been able to see the success. The Lord did it, why shoudn’t we. I know that this church is true! I know that the Lord suffered for us so we can have Eternal life. I know that he has left teachings and examples that as we study them we can receive revelation in what we need to do better in our lives and our callings. I love this gospel and I know that as we live it and we do our best to be like our Savior, we can see so many miracles in our lives and in the lives of so many. I also know that as we study the scriptures and pray everyday as a family and personally, we WILL be strengthened more and more every day and in all things. I promise as you all look for the bad things in your lives and change them into good you will be happier and you will feel the Saviors presence and hand in your lives more and more. I love you all and miss you! I share these things with you all in the name of Jesus Christ Amen. Elder Lowder

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