Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22, 2013

Hey guys, So this week was good. I went out of the area the whole week doing divisions with various missionarys that needed help working or just arent excited to be here or that are having hard times. I dont know why but i feel more happiness at this point of my mission doing that then working in my own area. I was thinking the other day about how i started my mission and how i had a lot of struggles and all that how i didnt have a trainer that helped me and how that affected me. I felt that now that i am almost done with my mission my greatest desire right now is to help the missionarys that are here that i can help so that there missions can be full of success and full of happiness. I feel like thats the best thing i can do for the Lord right now in my mission. So this week i met a new family the only day i was here in my area. Mariane and Eddie . They were references from a member family. When we went to go and talk to them she opened the door and wouldnt let us in but said she wanted to talk to us at that member familys house. So we set up an appointment to visit them there. When we got to that house we sat down and started talking to them about who we are and what we do then we gave them the time so they could tell us why they were lookig for us. When the mom started talking i felt the biggest feeling of sadness for her as i listened to her explain to us her problem. She told us that in May she was taking a shower while her nephew wathed her little girl of 8 years old. She said when she came out of the shower her nephew was trying to violate the little girl. She told us the only thing she could do was to grab her and hold on to her and tell her she was sorry while the mothers brother was hitting the teenager of 17 years old. I felt so bad for her and felt so many desires to just give her a hug and cry with her and tell her everything is going to be ok. We shared our lesson with her and told her that the Lord lives and will help her. She said she felt so calm and felt hope as she listened to the message we shared with her. I know that this is true and that there is so much power in the atonement and that it can heal any pain that we have. I desire to do what it says in Doctrine and Covenants 98 11-13 and give my life 100% to the Lord so that i can have Eternal Life as my reward. In the name of Jesus Christ amen. So to answer your questions dad yes i would love to work with Brother Cook. My comp and i are doing good working hard. The zone went so down hill that its working my butt off to get it back up again. Tonight at 6 im going to talk to the zone to help them get excited again and start working like they need to work. Were gonna see what happens. Dad the way you can help the missionarys is by finding the need of the investigator and applying it to the lesson and sharing experiences. The person will then feel trust with you and will have more desire to do the things you counsel him or her to do. Thank you guys for helping me and doing what your doing. I Love you guys and miss you guys! Lets go to work!! The Lord needs us all at 100%! Elder Lowder

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