Saturday, August 10, 2013

July 30, 2013

Hey guys! So this week was good! I’m happy to be a missionary and help the Lord! I am super scared about getting home! I’m not even kidding! Just thinking about life after the mission makes me scared haha, but I know I’m prepared and that the Lord has something huge prepared for me! I want to work for him in our ward! So this week was good! On Friday I went and did an interview for the assistants. I don’t know why but they called me and said, “Elder Lowder, we need your help because we have a couple that wants to get baptized but they always tell us no. Come to our church on Friday and interview them please.” On Friday I got on the bus and we went on an hour long drive to interview these people. I went into the interview and we started talking. I asked him how he felt about everything he had been learning and he told me he felt great and he felt different. As we talked the spirit was present and we both knew it. To make it fast, he decided to get baptized. Then his wife came in with me and expressed to me that she had never found anything to believe in in her whole entire life. That the message that the missionaries had been sharing with her had changed her life. We talked and read a little bit of scriptures. She asked me if she was ready to be baptized. I told her and promised her as a representative of Christ that she is ready to get baptized and that it would be what she needed in her life. As I told her that, she and I started crying as we felt the spirit of the Lord testify to her that He loves her and that she was ready. She told me thank you because we helped her find something to believe in and something to love. They were baptized on Saturday. After they were baptized my x companion who is an assistant called me and told me that it had been the best baptismal service he has ever had. After both of them were baptized they stayed in the font hugging and crying knowing that the Lord was there and that he excepted that baptism of water. I know that the Lord lives and that we are his servants. Without us this work would not be completed. We need everyone so that we can bless the lives of our brothers and sisters and help them know the plan of salvation. I know this is true. I love you all and miss you all. In the name of Jesus Christ amen. Elder Lowder

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