Monday, July 15, 2013

July 10, 2013

Hey guys! Sorry this week I didn’t get to write... My comp put appointments during our writing time and then I just haven’t had time to get here and write you guys. I’m so happy to see those pics. Honestly, that made me super happy to see my new niece all dressed up and ready to have her blessing. What a blessing! So, I received my call yesterday and they asked me about where I wanted to land, in which airport and at what time. That was weird to be honest with you guys. So you guys visited where I will be studying? So, my comp and I were having problems last week so we didn’t get to have many spiritual experiences and that makes me feel sad. I try talking to him but he just wants to do things his way and the Zone is going down hill. I just feel like there’s nothing else I can do when someone doesn’t want to cooperate. So that’s kinda hard. But I’ll be good because I know the Lord will help me learn something I need to learn from him and I will grow stronger from this experience. I love you guys and miss you guys. Give that baby a huge hug for me please! Elder Lowder

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